Giving Back

Let's talk Charity!

I started Living Luna back in 2018 because I wanted to find a way to give back more using what I already had. Charity has always been a foundation of my small business and when giving back I originally wanted to target the three aspects of life: animals, humanity, and the environment. Throughout 2018 to 2020 we gave back to so many charities including but not limited to SeaLegacy to help save our oceans, WIRES Wildlife Fund to bring relief to wildlife during the Australian wildfires, Charity Water to help bring clean water to those in need, The Jane Goodall Institute to help research and support chimpanzees threatened with extinction, IamZambia to help pave way for girls in Zambia to have access to education, healthcare, and a right to choose their futures, and so much more. When I started Living Luna, I was giving back 25% of each purchase to charity because I had other jobs and the purpose of this side business was to give back. Now that I have made art and my small business my full time career, I have made sustainable and effective changes to the way we give back.
I have decided to make the switch to donating 1 tree per sale, in your honor, to One Tree Planted. Why trees? I'm glad you asked. Trees help filter the air we breathe by acting like vacuums and sucking up pollutants through their leaves and bark. They clean the water we drink by collecting rainwater and filtering through pollutants therefore slowing water's absorption into the soil. They provide homes for 80% of the world's terrestrial species including mammals, moss, insects, fungi, and plants. Planting trees i s the easiest and best solution to combating global warming because they suck up harmful amounts of carbon from our atmosphere. Not to mention forests also provide 1.6 million jobs to people all around the world and are key ingredients for 25% of all medicines. Every tree planted makes a difference for nature, wildlife, and people!
For 2021, we are on track to donate a little over 3,000 trees worldwide. I cannot wait to see the forest we create together. Thank you for supporting LivingLuna, a brand that supports a local artist while giving back to a global cause.